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    Вячеслав Сердюков
    Liubov Kolosova
    Ganna R-M

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    Анна Захарчук
    Елена Пузь(Антонюк)
    Марина Петренко

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    • • Click the "Determine my position" button - it will allow you to place a marker on the location of your location;
    • • Use the search box to quickly find the right place;
    • • Click on the map with the mouse, to set the marker around which you want to find objects;
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    • • The radius is set in the range from 0.5 to 50 km;
    • • All objects from the popular and interesting will be displayed, which are not further than the established distance;
    • • For cities and places with a large cluster of objects, it is enough and 5 km.
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